Founder Chairman

Bupendra Sethia

Mr. Ben Sethia : Bhupendra (Ben) Sethia is a highly regarded entrepreneur and mentor dedicated to improving lives through entrepreneurship, and education. With over 25 years of experience, he has garnered recognition for his outstanding contributions, Ben’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident in his 12 professional qualifications, including an MBA, CMA, CPA, and GCTE. He has made significant contributions to the education sector, holding executive and senior leadership roles at esteemed universities such as the University of Melbourne, RMIT, and Victoria University. He has worked with industry partners such as UNESCO, Blackmores and the World Bank at the University of Melbourne.
As the founder of the Sethia Group, operating across Property, Finance, Education, Retail, and Health sectors, Ben has spearheaded numerous successful ventures. Nexus Developments APAC, under the property arm, manages projects worth $340 million, while Nexus Wealth Fund offers lucrative investment opportunities. As a forward-thinking leader, he is dedicated to shaping vibrant, sustainable, and thriving built environments that will leave a legacy for the wider community. His Finance companies, Convergence Finance and Fin beat Finance, provide personalized financial services, including unique offerings like car loans for international students. In Education, Ben is working on establishing a private school and other educational ventures. Ben’s vision extends to Retail, with Karts & Kraft aiming to redefine retail with quality products and service. In Health, his focus on developing medical centers and NDIS developments demonstrates a commitment to giving back to the community. Ben’s ultimate goal is economic empowerment, aiming to help individuals achieve financial freedom globally.