The objective is to form a prominent alliance comprising influential industrialists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals primarily from Jain background who can collaborate for upliftment of the community including:

Economic Empowerment:

Fostering financial independence and elevating economic standing within communities.


Promoting education, sharing expertise, and disseminating valuable knowledge to broaden understanding.


Dedicating time and resources to assist and uplift others through civic engagement and community service initiatives.


The primary objective is to unite influential and powerful business leaders, industrialists, and knowledge workers from around the world for noble causes such as:

Economic Empowerment (Aarthik Sudradhata)

Education and Knowledge Dissemination (Shiksha)

Community Service (Seva)

Spiritual Enlightenment (Adhyatmic Unnati)

Social Upliftment

Specific Goals Include:

Establishing knowledge-based Institutions

Promoting value based education systems.